Saturday, January 25, 2014

Knitting a Chick

I'm a little later than I had hoped in getting this post published... oh well.  I loved this project and had so much fun knitting it!  

A couple of friends are had a little girl in just a few days ago and I am so excited for them!  I love hearing about her adventures with their chickens.  Over the past year they have put a lovely little coop in their backyard..

I quickly decided that I had to knit something for the new little "chick" that would be arriving.
It seems all the latest newborn photos are taken in a knitted hat. What could be more perfect than a knitted chick hat.

First I researched and found that the average newborn head has a circumference of 14".  Then I just knit the hat and experimented with the extras.

Feel free to use this pattern as you like.  I maintain all rights so you may not sell the pattern but you may sell anything you create from it.

Little Chick  

Little Chick

Gauge: Hat: 2.5 sts/in
Needles: Hat: 15 US, double points
                    Beak: 6 US, straights
Notions: 1 stitch marker, darning needle, scissors
Extras: 2 black buttons, black thread, sewing needle
Yarn: Hat: Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick in Dove
              Beak: Dale of Norway Dalegarn Falk in Orange


CO 30 sts
Join in the round being careful not to twist the stitches.
Place marker (PM) at the beginning of the round to track your progress.
Knit for 15 rounds.
Begin decrease rounds:
k2tog, k3, repeat to end of round. 24 st remain
k2tog, k1, repeat to end of round. 16 st remain
k2tog, repeat to end of round. 8 st remain
Weave ends through remaining stitches.  Weave in ends.

Note: All WS or even rows (2,4,6,8,10) - purl
CO 10 sts, be sure your tail is a minimum of 8 inches
Row 1: knit
Row 3: ssk, k6, k2tog
Row 5: ssk, k4, k2tog
Row 7: ssk, k2, k2tog
Row 9: ssk, k2tog
Row 11: k2tog
Leave the ends as is (do not weave them in).

Putting it all Together

Place the buttons and beak on the hat as positioned in the final pictures.  Pin the beak in place.  Attach the buttons using black thread.  Using the tails on the beak attach the beak by weaving the ends around.  Be sure to weave them close to the beak to hide them.

12 x 30 inch strands of yarn
Pull 6 strands through the bottom of the hat.  Using 2 strands as 1 braid the strands together.  Once you've reached the desired length knot the ends and trim the extra.
Repeat on the opposite side.
3 to 4 x 6 inch strands of yarn
Pull the strands through the top of the hat.  I knotted the strands once to ensure they would stay in place.  Then trimmed them to about 2 inches.

Little Chick

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